"We are completely satisfied with your 'Masterpiece'. Nothing was done incorrectly and nothing was left undone. As I believe I've told you before, we feel as though we live in a resort. It's always fun to 'showcase' the house."
                                   - Dr. Micheal & Jeanne Altman, Paradise Valley, Arizona

"Faren has done an array of general contracting for us for the past six years. He has always been extremely trustworthy and excellent at what he does. He was always here when I needed him. I have had a very positive experience with Faren...his word is golden."
                                   - Janis Lyon, Santa Fe, New Mexico / Paradise Valley, Arizona

"Your beauty, integrity, vision, hard work, time, attention, effort, patience, trust, communication, thought, talent and love are most appreciated and admired..."
                                   - Suzanne Amare, Phoenix, Arizona

"We would like to express our warm enthusiasm and gratitude for Faren Dancer's services as designer, architect, and contractor for our remodeling project in Eldorado. With a limited budget, we nevertheless had a long wish list. Most important, we wanted to create a private studio/living space and bath that would make it possible to share a home with our aging parents so as to assist in their care. We also wanted to enhance the drab northern facade and main entrance of our existing house with some interesting architectural features that would give the house more character. We also hoped to include in 900 square feet of new space: a spacious main room, large bath, art gallery, library, attractive atrium and entrance area for the whole house. All of this actually happened, to our great satisfaction. We could not be more pleased with the result."
                                   - Gary & Eleanor Gossen, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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