Faren Dancer, the force behind Sundancer Creations, began working in the construction trades in the 1960's. Working as laborer, carpenter assistant and several years apprenticing with some of Northern California's finest furniture makers, Faren became a member of the Baulines Craftsman's Guild in 1973. His inlayed and carved sculptures, boxes and design accessories garnered acclaim and he parlayed his previous experience into his first house project in 1977. He directed sixty-five various artisans and craftspersons in the creation of a remarkable home in Sonoma County, California. Every room had a theme, every square foot radiated the energy and care that defined the Northern California craft renaissance of the late 1970's. It was also Faren's first major thrust in sustainable building practices. The home included reclaimed wood, energy efficient glass, solar hot water and several water saving features.

With new worlds to conquer, Faren turned his attention to the performing arts in 1980, and spent the next ten years in Los Angeles, producing and directing multi-media theater. Again, he was able to bring together the many diverse elements, talents and technologies that made his productions the same finely crafted and inspired creations as previously expressed in his residential projects.

In late 1989 Faren moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico to renew his passion for fine woodworking and its application to one of a kind building projects. Since that time his carved, inlayed sculptures and furniture have been shown at various galleries and resorts throughout the Southwest. Faren's design/build projects, both in Santa Fe and the Scottsdale/Phoenix area, have generated a loyal following. Faren’s net-zero energy Emerald Home project, completed in August, 2009 has garnered numerous local and national awards for the highest levels of green certification, innovation and design excellence. His 2012 Geothermal Solar Electric Home received the Sustainable Santa Fe Award for Renewable Energy. He is co-founder and three time Chair of the Santa Fe Green Building Council and Past President of the Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association.

Faren has also emerged as a national force for energy efficiency and sustainable building practices, speaking on Capitol Hill and the National Press Club representing the grassroots of the sustainability movement. His testimony at National Code hearings, along with his net-zero building models, brought a 2009 nomination for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Jeffrey A. Johnson Award for Excellence in Building Energy Codes and Performance, and a 2012 lifetime achievement nomination for the Zayad Energy Prize, in Dubai, Arab Emirates.
Sundancer Creations, LLC
Santa Fe, New Mexico